Good Habits Maketh the PhD

umbrellaTreat it like a job.

Cannot for the life of me remember who gave me this advice but thank you. Really. Thank you. How do I do this? I come into the PhD room at 8am (to beat the parking madness) and I leave 4pm (to beat peak hour working people leaving at 5pm).

I came across this article on Facebook this week and it has some excellent practices in it.

Specifically, psychological detachment. Make home and your thesis or ‘work’ as separate as possible. Different outfits, different smells (candles help) are good. I also like to delegate areas for reading, watching TV and enjoying food.

I deleted my email app off of my phone so I cannot receive notifications. For me these are another minor but constant reminder that the PhD dark cloud is always circling.

Create spaces where-ever you can – at home or through a physical activity you like so they are a no-go space for PhD thoughts.

Remaining switched ON all the time to the PhD and getting burned out isn’t sustainable.  These little practices are like an umbrella, the dark cloud is still there but don’t feel guilty for taking shelter when you need to.


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