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Behar, Ruth (2015)


I am a PhD candidate and plan to spend my life as an anthropologist. This involves being a writer, researcher and public speaker. As such, following the advice of Ruth Behar, I will use this space to develop my voice. When people read my work they will know who is telling the story and why, and there will be a strong authorial presence (Behar, 2015). The process of becoming an articulate and effective writer requires developing an individual style:

The best writers of ethnography are unflinching individualists (Behar, 2015).

During the past year I have been conducting extensive research for my PhD in order to complete a document in order to submit to a confirmation panel at my university. This document, essentially, is the first hurdle of my PhD and decides after the first year if my scholarship and PhD enrolment will continue. Once I received approval I was able to begin my research. Throughout this research process I spent time refining my research area and question:

‘to examine the experiences and perspectives of young Australians involved in the counter-cultural spiritual practices of witchcraft with a focus on women.’

This is quite a simple description of what 2014 was. In reality I immersed myself in an extensive literature review. I found and read ethnographies of witchcraft from London, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Each time I read these books and articles I was reinvigorated and could not wait to begin my research. This is because every introductory chapter gave me an insight into the journey their ethnography had taken them. Each of these intricate and vulnerable admissions about their research reminded my again of why I wanted to pursue anthropology. They were all equally concerned with ‘honouring, with accuracy and poetry, a fragment of what was revealed to us’ (Behar, 2015).

I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment and share.


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