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A brief introduction

  1. My name is Emma Quilty
  2. I am a social and cultural anthropologist
  3. My PhD research is on young Australian women’s experiences of witchcraft
  4. I work as a research officer at Everymind 

What I working on at the moment?

I am a research officer at Everymind, an institute dedicated to the prevention of mental ill-health and suicide, partnered with the University of Newcastle. At Everymind I work on a range of projects, all connected to the field of mental health research. I am currently a co-investigator on a Prevention Hub funded ($5million) national project: Improving mental health & wellbeing in the medical profession. In the field of mental health in the medical profession I am currently conducting qualitative analysis for an Everymind project called: “Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces: Developing a Department of Anaesthesia Good Mental Health Model”.

I am also a co-investigator on a project titled: “Qualitative Evaluation of The Way Back Support Service in Newcastle”

Under the same funding body, I am a co-investigator on a national project: Mental Health and Small Business: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Australian Small Business.

I am also a co-investigator in a project titled: “Mental health in the Entertainment industry” – Everymind has partnered with Entertainment Assist for this project.

I will be presenting at the Australian Anthropological Society annual conference in December 2018, my paper is titled “Ingesting Ancestors: Witchy Practices of Honouring the Dead”.


I am a member of the Society for Mental Health Research and working alongside. I am a current member of the Australian Anthropological Society and the Australian Network of Student Anthropologists. I am a member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists and International Sociological Association.

I am also an affiliate of the Newcastle Youth Studies Research Group which is based at the University of Newcastle.

I am also a member of the Society for Mental Health Research and an affiliate of the Hunter Medical Research Institute.

Witchy PhD

My PhD research, which inspired the name of this blog, focuses on young Australian women’s experiences of practicing and identifying as witches.

Witchcraft can be understood as a non-institutional spirituality that venerates nature and sexuality which has branched from the broader spiritual movement, neo-paganism. Within the framework of witchcraft, the witch represents an identity that lies outside normative social constraints generally applied to women. My study focuses on Australian witchcraft, a diffuse community that has only been researched by a handful of anthropologists and sociologists. My study investigates the everyday experiences of belonging and identity-making in witchcraft.